Thursday, March 31, 2011


When I told my friend Debatista that she should buy Decoded for me her reply was " honey , what you need to do is go to the bookstore on your day off, sit down and read this book, because I won't buy it for you"...I thought ..mmmm HOW RUDE...but great idea.
So I'm standing in front of the bookshelves, going through the book, and there it was, a picturee of my favorite lady, Lauryn hill( I was like, real recognized real..:) ). Another reason,for me to have the book.
I'm a true Jay fan. I've always paid attention to his lyrics. The dude ability to play with words is crazy. For example recently he has been refering to BK in his lines, but the new BK he is talking about is not Brooklyn anymore, its Beyonce Knowles. Granted some of his lyrics had me believe he was a misogynist ( until he fell in love). Remember 99 Problems but a bitch ain't one?! Then he tried to mess with our head when he mentionned a police sniffer dog at one point in the same some...Get it?! bitch=dog?? Also ,in On To The Next One, he says," I'm not avirgin, I use my cojones", cojones is balls, nuts, in spanish. I can spend all day teaching you about Jay's complex wordplay, but I ain't got the
I love the book, but the hype behind it leaves me perplex at times. We all know that corporate America loves rags to riches stories, and Jay Z delivered it. I mean dude is bluntly saying that looking back at some of the things he did when he was on the streets, he feels like he is getting away with murder... What message is this sending to kids? the real message should be you'll end up in jail ( if not dead) for selling drugs! Not, an ex drug dealer, who used everything he learned from the sstreet to become a millionaire!!!!
Besides the fact that his narration of his life on the streets, is sometimes romanticized, I'm just happy that more people will better  understand his rhymes....