Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OKAY OKAY, I'm officially the laziest blogger on the planet earth!!! I could come up with alot of reasons or excuses why I haven't been on here, but I'll pass . :) One thing that motivated me to write today is RED in fashion. Red is the new black. I never owned a red dress; for different reasons. I remember few years back I had to model in a strapless wedding-like chiffon  dress. It was a beautiful, deep-red dress. I remember how sexy I felt in the dress. and that was the first and last time I wore red. Whenever I thing of red, I think sexy, elegant 30+ ladies. And I mean solid, all-red outfits! Red is such a bold color it's almost hypnotizing. So this summer , being on my  grown-woman-sh**, I thought , hey, Red will be a great fashion investment. So for the very first time I bought red shoes and was thinking of adding more Red to my wardrobe. Blazers, chunky knits, lace camisoles. And then I saw THE RED  zara DRESS.  The cut is  aggressively feminine and the hem is long, so its perfect for a classy look!!! OK ladies , so you don't have to wait for Santa to get your red on ,you can find it in almost every store right now. Just pick the right shade of Red for your skin tone and let the sexy begin


And last but not least , the ZARA WOMAN dress