Sunday, February 20, 2011


 white and backless, my favorite combo...Irene in her own design.
 Emma Watson in a Hakaan dress at the Elle Style Award

Now this, I don`t know why he is in this blog , but he is here, so deal with it, suckers!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


As soon as the holidays were over , I started to get excited about spring, or should I say about spring fashion. I found myself daydreaming about outfits that I can put together from my closet( peep how I said from my closet, not outfit that I'm goonna buy). Thinking of ways to revamp my wardrobe....Soft colors during the day, bold colors at nights; pretty trench coats, wellies, pretty dresses and all had my heart smiling during the snow storms, telling myself, it will all be over soon...
Here are trends you should get ready for....
70's Glamour: get ready FOR 70'S BOHEMIAN AND 70'S GLAMOUR.Maxi dresses,high waist pants with elegant blouses( silk,long sleeves blouses.). I personnally will go for see-through blouses. Hot pants ( the ultimate 70's item); its not summer yet so you might want to wear them with tights)
Biker Fashion: This trend is taking over the military look; biker jackets, leather pants motorcycle.
Full skirts: Ok, now, I woke up this morning thinking I should really get into full skirts, and this is something i don't really have, so thats on my list of things to buy.
LV full skirt..

Burberry motorcycle jacket for men.......
As for sping colors, Bold colors: my favorite trend du jour.This trend is also great for winter or spring jackets. Everyone should own a bright winter jackets. Loud pinks,cobalts,yellows,oranges and reds are the best...

As for the guys, I ll have a full post next time....