Saturday, December 22, 2012


Two things that rhyme with the holiday seasons are Red and Embellished sweaters.
Here are my favorites "du jour"

( below) Givenchy white stars sweater . This thing I like about this one is that it is unisex.

Marcus Lupfer
 I'm in love with this Jeremy Scott Adidas sweater

 Me Rocking my Red Lacoste cable knit ( by TKLR  .!/tklrvintageshop?fref=ts) bought at a local vintage store
this black mini dress is from a local Salvation Army.
 Vintage and thrift stores are most definately the best places to get one-of-a-kind knits.

on my shinny-shoe-girl mode. ZARA    patent loafers

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm in love with this BALMAIN jacket.

below is a look that I put together ...the oxfords for a day look , switch them for heels at night
Whoever decided that the black and white trend will be "en vogue" this coming spring is a genuis. Granted pairing black and white has been around since for ever like many other trends, it's going to be predominant this coming spring. Black and white florals will replace the usual pastel or rainbow flower prints we get around that time of the year .My favorite look will be black and white color blocked anything. Although I'm not a big fan of stripes, vertical lines make the body appear taller and leaner, so Im okay with that.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


For the past couple of weeks I've been procrastinating about blogging . I could blame it on the lack of inspiration or just plain laziness. Then I saw pictures of DENIS GAGNON'S pieces from his SPRING/SUMMER 2013 collection.
Not only that I love every single piece in this picture ( both on the woman and the man), but as soon as I saw this , my (fashion) mind , took me on a trip. I started to put outfits together( I would wear them separately)
I can see myself in the guy's harem pants paired with a dressy blouse and super tall heels.  Everything about that picture says sporty chic.

Monday, September 3, 2012

MAN UP!!!!

I haven't blogged about Men's fashion in a long time. Granted I have looked through the GQs , ESQUIREs and all but I didnt see any of the "from the runways to the street looks" on guys these days. I get it , it's summer and most men are more concerned  about confort than looks. Confort is what brought me here , actually . DERRICK ROSE on the cover of  May's GC. Heaven. Perfect example of mixing dressy and casual. Men, You can really wear a suit everywhere, the key is to know how to dress it down.  I love a man in a custom-made suit. In the era of individualism suiting should no longer be uniform ,but rather an expression of personal style...Back to Mr Rose, everything was perfect on him. The color and fabric of the suit to the fit of the tshirt under his blazer...I understand that men don't always wanna look like their going to a job interview or meeting. Do here are some colors that are very versatile. Navy or that blue-black, charcoal( my favorite) and khaki. And instead of a buttoned up shirt, you can maybe switch for a fitting t-shirt or polo. I'm gonna try to blog more on Men fashion, writting this post gave me so many ideas but I don't wanna get lost in translation, so I'll focus on the suiting for now. Few weeks back my brother took me to MY.SUIT in NYC. He was looking to get a custom-made corduroy suit, with elbow patches. When they guys in there said it was gonna cost about 500.00$ I was kind of reluctant at first( oh, my nerves! as if the money was coming out of my pocket!) , but I looked at the quality of the fabric in the store and the suits on the salesmen in there and I said OK THEN 500$ IS DECENT! that to say that if you are not on a football field or basketball court playing there is no need for you to be in  sportwear all the time, and most importantly if you are not in a hiphop video, we do not want to see your pants under your butt with 200 chains hanging down your neck...GROW UP
Band Of Outsiders Curdoroy elbow patches blazzer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OKAY OKAY, I'm officially the laziest blogger on the planet earth!!! I could come up with alot of reasons or excuses why I haven't been on here, but I'll pass . :) One thing that motivated me to write today is RED in fashion. Red is the new black. I never owned a red dress; for different reasons. I remember few years back I had to model in a strapless wedding-like chiffon  dress. It was a beautiful, deep-red dress. I remember how sexy I felt in the dress. and that was the first and last time I wore red. Whenever I thing of red, I think sexy, elegant 30+ ladies. And I mean solid, all-red outfits! Red is such a bold color it's almost hypnotizing. So this summer , being on my  grown-woman-sh**, I thought , hey, Red will be a great fashion investment. So for the very first time I bought red shoes and was thinking of adding more Red to my wardrobe. Blazers, chunky knits, lace camisoles. And then I saw THE RED  zara DRESS.  The cut is  aggressively feminine and the hem is long, so its perfect for a classy look!!! OK ladies , so you don't have to wait for Santa to get your red on ,you can find it in almost every store right now. Just pick the right shade of Red for your skin tone and let the sexy begin


And last but not least , the ZARA WOMAN dress


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The season that puts everybody in a good mood is here. So you know what that means for fashionistas!? MORE SHOPPING!!! I haven't been checking the stores out much lately , but at work I've heard and seen people reactions to the spring collection . I must say its not so much that the clothes are extraordinary its the anticipation of long sunny days, mini dresses, shorts and sandals. Last week when we got a taste of summer,  I strolled down the streets of downtown, looking through the windows  but I have yet to see  anything that wow-ed me really. In cases like this I turn to my closet. REVAMP TIME . So here are the trends that I'm looking forward to try the season

                                                      PYJAMA PANTS ;

this  trend was actually In last spring but people weren't too thrill about dressing up pyjamas. It's back now and my favorite one . I understand that it is tricky and may be hard to pull off, but as long as u dont pair them wih house slippers ,you'll be A-ok. I love the type of fabric that is used for these pants. very light, flowy, silky fabric, perfect for summer days.  I was never a fan of the linen-pants during the summer so this is for me...for a day look, I'd pair them with a solid color t-shirt (white for me) and some heels or nice leather sandals( never with sneakers or ballerinas).


love the way she is wearing hers!!!!
 Zara (TRF) Spring 2012 collection

Stella McCartney


I'm sure you noticed that  Pastel colors are really in this season. Granted  spring rhymes with colorful hues but this times instead of flashy,very bright ones, neon, it's the soft, feminine color palette. The romantic hues that are taking over.

Remember now, it's not summer yet , so you can pair your pastel jeans with chunky sweaters or cardigan, as shown in the picture above.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I was speechless for 10 minutes when I saw this photo....I stared at the picture not knowing what to say or what to think of it. I've been trying to tell people about wearing lace. You have to be careful , you don't want it to look like you have your windows' curtains on or your grandma's tablecloth. I bet when she added the belt she thought she was ''doing something''. pssstttt. This is straight up horrid. Everything is wrong with this look.
I was even more upset when I found out that she was at the same party Beyonce was , on her first post-baby appareance that everybody was talking about this week. I mean come on now Media!!! You had this and everybody wants to talk about how Mrs Carter not giving birth to her baby!?? Unless when they saw Jessica White in that outfit or should I say lingerie, they decided to just leave her alone, it wasn't worth their time. they rather talk about Beyonce....

Thursday, February 9, 2012


As you all know , all the fashion mags and blogs, had  their best-dressed list at the end of the year. I went thru few of them and was very confused to see some of the ladies on the list. So, I dedided to make my own. I started to blog about this on the 2nd of January and for some reasons couldn't finish it. I'm on vacation this week, so I have no excuse. It wasn't difficult to choose who to put on my list. I've been a fan of most of the women on my list, but their wow-ed me in 2011, some for the outfits , some for the way they presented, or carried themselves... so here is goes...

I just love the way her clothes fit so perfect on her curves( her pants and pencil skirts are always on point)
I'am in love with this Patrick Kelly vintage hooded dress

I just love the fact that she doesn't have a personal stylist, yet can give some celebs stylists out there a run for their money!!!

Although I love Blake on the red carpet, I love her more for her casual-chic-looks

                                                   EMMA STONE
Emma has that don't-take-yourself-too-serious attitude that I like. Always classy, some of Hollywood'
's young stars should take notes.

Emma in 2 tone lanvin dress
bottega veneta
in a Calvin klein dress


No-one looks this good on a bike, but this lady...

Now this one is a true fashionista. She is ''da bizness''. I just love the fact that she is not afraid of bright colors and bold prints.

                                                      JANELLE MONAE
Now with Janelle Monae it's not so much about her style....I just like that kid's persona.

I watched one of her interviews, and I couldn't stop starring at her teeth. The girl is simply beautiful...