Saturday, December 10, 2011


I must say , this is the first time in a long time that I get excited about the holidays! I've been window shopping for a month now, for ideas on what to wear. I'm glad that after a quick look in my closet , I found so many never-worn-pieces that I can put together this year ( Althought, I think I might buy something new for NYE, because I think I owe it to myself).NYE is one of the biggest party night of the year! To me is like Halloween, it's the only time of the hear you can "almost" go over the top and won't look too weird, but think more, classy attire.
Ok , peep how I said I went WINDOW SHOPPING , and   IN MY CLOSET. See when it comes to fashion, my theory is this, I absolutely refuse to pay full-price for designer shoes (or anything else for that There is no reason why you should buy anything full price when Trends are changing so fast. who cares if you're wearing shoes from last summer's collection? As long as they still look amazing and you know how to rock them. Really , all the real fashionistas and even designers understand this logic, that's why designers also have those so-called deals. As for the holidays and the glamourous look , I figured since you are not going to  wear that sequins dress to the super market after NYC , don't spent too much on it!! So here are some affordable pieces that you can wear this season....
I'll start  with SHOES, because they can "make " or "break" an outfit...
these MIU MIU are my favorite right now
these one's are ZARA so, very affordable
MANGO cap toe pumps ( Classic)
MOON gold heel boot

Now for THE DRESS, I'm usually not a big fan of sequins , but I felt in love with this ZARA one

Another one I can see myself wearing will be this strapless short  SHERRI HILL DRESS from her prom 2012 collection.

If you're more into Organza inspired dresses, here are some of my favorites

 Although I love the fact that Jane Lynch is not wearing any necklace , for the Holidays you can spice things up with a nice sparkling necklace with no Earrings or go for the big chandelier earrings without a necklace.
the best places to get these gowns are ZARA and VICTORIA'S SECRET.COM..
That's it for now, hope you'll get inspired by this post , ladies!!!! Enjoy your holidays' shopping.....Stay blessed!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 I just love this mini-dress,

If there is one person I wish I had acces to their closet for one day, it will be Genevieve Jones! New York's socialite and jewelry designer. I've been in love with her style  for years now, and I can't get enough of it., I really dont have much to say about her, so Ill stick to my fav pics of the lady!!! Enjoy it. I love the fact that she marches to her own drums, and doesnt look like she is trying too hard!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ok folks, so my favorite weather is right around the corner, Fall , that is. And for the last couple of months I've been anticipating my new look. I read it somewhere that fall is a crucial period for building your wardrobe and evolving your personal style.
Let me start by saying that , every girl should have a boyfriend blazer in her wardrobe, you can do so much with those little monkeys  :)....

As much as I hate the cold weather I love the idea of layering. T-shitrts under buttonned-cardigans, fur vest over long sleeves shirts, you know, just mixing up all those knits and sweaters and your wardrobe...Number one thing I like about that weather is that you get to wear dressy boots(high heels) without worries of the snow destroying them. One look that I tried and loved this fall , was a maxi skirt with a croped sweater, it was nice and fun, because I had both pieces for years now, but never paired them.
I also bought this long sleeve sweater in the men's department, that I'm excited about. I'll wear it as a dress, also paired with heels to have that boyish|girlish look.
Ok enough talk about are things that you'll be sure to see this season
* lots of flares and wide-leg pants( ZARA and H&M, has some at affordable prices)
LANVIN cristal and feather embellished necklace

*maxi-dresses and flowing skirts( American Apparel, Urban outfitters, H&M and ZARA)

I , this summer, was wearing my nice gowns during the day for day looks. Just paired with embellished sandals,or flat shoes.
* Exotic jewels ( Lanvin necklaces are serious pieces!!!!)
*silk bow blouses and thigh high slit dresses are more like,sophisticated 70's ( definately not a day look, for special occasion, since it looks better with heels)

*tassels shoes( like the blue one showned in the pic, Zara)
*Fur short coats and vests( This is actually on my wish-list!!:(
Last but not least my 2 favorites animal prints are in , snake and leopard prints!!!!!!
*Parka Jacket, also something on my wishlist

<div style="position:relative;width:500px;height:500px;"><a href=";.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=32688489"><img width="500" alt="ASOS jacket" src="" title="ASOS jacket" height="500" border="0" /></a></div><br/><small><a href=";.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=32688489">ASOS jacket</a>   (see more <a href="">parka jackets</a>)</small>
OKAY FOLKS, so there you haveit for now...
hope you enjoyed reading me , TTYL....
love always ,
Eli-Anne Y

my fav blazer right now..:)

zara tassel shoes

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Montrealers can all agree that Montreal is the place to be during the summer. And it seems like the whole world just came to that conclusion. A Recent survey ranked Montreal,Quebec the third best ``summer city`.
I say it' s only fair, since we spent most of the year in the cold , snowy long winter.
I was encouraged to blog about this after reading about the survey.  thought it was very interesting because just as I was getting ready to hate this city ( mostly because of the weather), I found myself falling in love with Montreal all over again. I remember, walking on St Denis on the first day of warn,sunny weather and all the restaurants and bars opened their patios; i jokingly told my friend that, as soon as the sun is out, eating and drinking moves outdoors...roof parties, barbecues in parks, so many things to do...Plus this year was a tad bit special, with the coming of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Bono 2 days concert, Sade was also in town...
I know that Montreal is a city of festivals, but so many that  I didn't know existed. It could also be because for the last couple of years I was working crazy hour during the summer , yeah, I missed the Steevie Wonder free concert , because I was working! SMH. 
This year I plan to enjoy the city and the nice weather , so I suggest you do the same! So far I've managed to go to A few festivalS! Looking forward to the outdoors concerts for the 

International African Nights Festival 


too bad I don't have pics right now, thanks to my camera deciding not to work anymore!!! :(...but I'll be sure to put some pics , I 'm getting a new camera .:)

ps: click on the link below for schedules of the activities happening in this city all year round....ENJOY !!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Ok  it' s almost 4 a.m , I should be sleeping but I'm here is the deal. Earlier on facebook, someone's status read this ''You see a lot of Smart Guys with Dumb Women, but hardly ever see a Smart Woman with a Dumb Guy...Please explain! '' .
When  I first read this, I just smiled, but didn't have an answer, So I started to read what people had to say about it, And the girls when hard on it. What most ladies conclude is that, most men will are more into looks, If the girl is pretty, she doesn't have to be smart, they like to be leaders anyways, so it makes them feel more powerful...
The reason why I decided to bring it here is that, funny enough earlier during the day, my girl Fafa and I , were talking about relationships, and our convo was a bit similar to this but more on the fashion side of ME BRAKE IT DOWN FOR YA!!?
What I have realized is how most men are attracted to tackiness!!! You put 2 ladies at a bar, one wearing those tacky polyester cutoffs mini-dress , showing so much skin that u wonder why she wore the dress in the first place; the one wearing so much makeup on she looks like a dragqueen, with the cheap 6 inches heels. She'd wear so much weave that if you try to play with her hair , your finger would get all jammed in the strings, glue, or whatever they use to put that shit together!
Now the other will be the classy lady, the one who knows the difference between sexy and trashy, the one who knows how to show just enough skin, have just enough make up, knows how to carry herself, just a classy lady!!!!! Guess who is gonna have all the guys at the bar trying to book her for the night???!!! Granted, we all know that dudes are not talking to her for her brain, we know what they want from her and that they 've figured it will be easier talking to her, since she doesnt '' look '' all that smart anyways; but I don't know about you, ladies , but I like my men to have high standards....

I shall have more to say about this , but Im gonna leave you now, Just think about that facebook's status, and maybe you can share your thoughts on this matter?!!! Thanks for reading me...:) 

Saturday, June 25, 2011


These days , some young girls change their hair color and styles to match Rihanna's or Gossip Girl's crew! Whatever happened to creativity!? I mean, it's one thing to be inspired by someone's fashion sense , but to 'bite off' their entire look, all the time , is  'WACK' lol....
As I said, when it comes to fashion , either you got it or you don't, and my girl Diane  has it....:)

Diane, sweetie, you know I want this blazer , right?!!!

Now here are pictures of a young girl I think knows the meaning of originality and knows what works for her...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I said in an earlier post that African designers had been complaining about the fact that they don't get much exposure on the international stages. Well Montreal gets close to no-African designers ( precisely, no Ankara fabric on Montreal`s catwalks). So of course I was looking forward to see this fashion show!!! I heard of this designer awhile ago, saw couple of her pieces online but never had a chance to see any of her shows.
Paule Marie Assandre is a Montreal designer, originally from The Ivory Coast( what did I tell you about my country??!!!lol)...
Now back to the show...Great energy from her team; from the girls at Check-In to the Hostesses , all the girls seemed really enthusiastic( trust me, that`s an important detail)!!!

Beautiful models , beautiful clothes, what else can you ask for?!!
The one thing that bothered me was that there were no program handouts! Its was hard for me to follow, as far as the collection goes, also they were few local artists performing, and the whole point was to promote them , but I think it will be hard for people to remember their names!!
Now this Trench , was my ``coup de coeur``Plastic Raincoats are tricky, hard to pull-off! I mean how many girls want to  wear cheap plastic to go out??  Now this elegant trench can be worn for any occasion. And because it`s cotton-lined ( with  african fabric), it should be more comfortable than the unlined varieties....Oh and I love the fact that it has a collar and no hood!!!! Nice one...

these last 2 pics are from her previous collection...

So here is how can can get in touch with the designer
phone: 514 826 4156 /

Monday, June 20, 2011