Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ok folks, so my favorite weather is right around the corner, Fall , that is. And for the last couple of months I've been anticipating my new look. I read it somewhere that fall is a crucial period for building your wardrobe and evolving your personal style.
Let me start by saying that , every girl should have a boyfriend blazer in her wardrobe, you can do so much with those little monkeys  :)....

As much as I hate the cold weather I love the idea of layering. T-shitrts under buttonned-cardigans, fur vest over long sleeves shirts, you know, just mixing up all those knits and sweaters and your wardrobe...Number one thing I like about that weather is that you get to wear dressy boots(high heels) without worries of the snow destroying them. One look that I tried and loved this fall , was a maxi skirt with a croped sweater, it was nice and fun, because I had both pieces for years now, but never paired them.
I also bought this long sleeve sweater in the men's department, that I'm excited about. I'll wear it as a dress, also paired with heels to have that boyish|girlish look.
Ok enough talk about are things that you'll be sure to see this season
* lots of flares and wide-leg pants( ZARA and H&M, has some at affordable prices)
LANVIN cristal and feather embellished necklace

*maxi-dresses and flowing skirts( American Apparel, Urban outfitters, H&M and ZARA)

I , this summer, was wearing my nice gowns during the day for day looks. Just paired with embellished sandals,or flat shoes.
* Exotic jewels ( Lanvin necklaces are serious pieces!!!!)
*silk bow blouses and thigh high slit dresses are more like,sophisticated 70's ( definately not a day look, for special occasion, since it looks better with heels)

*tassels shoes( like the blue one showned in the pic, Zara)
*Fur short coats and vests( This is actually on my wish-list!!:(
Last but not least my 2 favorites animal prints are in , snake and leopard prints!!!!!!
*Parka Jacket, also something on my wishlist

<div style="position:relative;width:500px;height:500px;"><a href=";.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=32688489"><img width="500" alt="ASOS jacket" src="" title="ASOS jacket" height="500" border="0" /></a></div><br/><small><a href=";.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=32688489">ASOS jacket</a>   (see more <a href="">parka jackets</a>)</small>
OKAY FOLKS, so there you haveit for now...
hope you enjoyed reading me , TTYL....
love always ,
Eli-Anne Y

my fav blazer right now..:)

zara tassel shoes