Monday, September 3, 2012

MAN UP!!!!

I haven't blogged about Men's fashion in a long time. Granted I have looked through the GQs , ESQUIREs and all but I didnt see any of the "from the runways to the street looks" on guys these days. I get it , it's summer and most men are more concerned  about confort than looks. Confort is what brought me here , actually . DERRICK ROSE on the cover of  May's GC. Heaven. Perfect example of mixing dressy and casual. Men, You can really wear a suit everywhere, the key is to know how to dress it down.  I love a man in a custom-made suit. In the era of individualism suiting should no longer be uniform ,but rather an expression of personal style...Back to Mr Rose, everything was perfect on him. The color and fabric of the suit to the fit of the tshirt under his blazer...I understand that men don't always wanna look like their going to a job interview or meeting. Do here are some colors that are very versatile. Navy or that blue-black, charcoal( my favorite) and khaki. And instead of a buttoned up shirt, you can maybe switch for a fitting t-shirt or polo. I'm gonna try to blog more on Men fashion, writting this post gave me so many ideas but I don't wanna get lost in translation, so I'll focus on the suiting for now. Few weeks back my brother took me to MY.SUIT in NYC. He was looking to get a custom-made corduroy suit, with elbow patches. When they guys in there said it was gonna cost about 500.00$ I was kind of reluctant at first( oh, my nerves! as if the money was coming out of my pocket!) , but I looked at the quality of the fabric in the store and the suits on the salesmen in there and I said OK THEN 500$ IS DECENT! that to say that if you are not on a football field or basketball court playing there is no need for you to be in  sportwear all the time, and most importantly if you are not in a hiphop video, we do not want to see your pants under your butt with 200 chains hanging down your neck...GROW UP
Band Of Outsiders Curdoroy elbow patches blazzer.