Monday, September 14, 2015


Just last Friday it was still summer . Well we're in Canada so not the 90 ° kinda summer , but still the kind of summer that makes you happy. Makes every thing beautiful and funny, basically the weather that puts the smile on Everyone's face. longer days to enjoy the parks, long walks , the beach , bicycle rides etc, etc . Every good thing must come to an end. You can either fuss about the colder weather or sit down and watch the leaves fall . As for me , while going through my closet this summer I decided not to purchase anymore clothes until the end of the year. So I'm excited about this weather change. I'll get to clean out my closet . Wardrobe overhaul shouldn't just be a spring thing . Looking forward to chunky sweaters, ponchos, coats and boots. Aah my favorite part... Less concern about leg hair ( don't judge me) . Honestly I'm excited about the breezy , slightly cooler and a little later , refreshing crisp. For the complainers , enjoy it because it's only a matter of weeks before we're bundled up like the kid from Xmas story again. It's winter not the apocalypse and it's coming so embrace it !!! Stay beautiful my loves .

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer , Summer where art thou ??

If you live in Canada, you know by now that we only have one month of summer. So for those who are still trying to work on that summer-body, don't you worry babies , you still got plenty of time.
Moving along  I'm excited about the trends this summer. If you haven't noticed, this whole year was about the 1970s. And '' Qui dit 70s, dit bohemian".I' m a modern day hippie so long bohemian dresses, kaftans, scarves, statement jewelry and romantic lace are definitely right up my alley.
Kaftans are really easy to wear . They're comfortable, practical and very stylish at the same time. Great for summer because you can easily slip into them over your bikini. You can wear wear it to the pool, ocean, dinner - whatever float your boat.

After the boho chic look, Culottes will be my other fav trend this season. Although a bit tricky , it can look appropriate and chic. The best wear to wear the culotte? Go glam. Well especially if you're not tall, and not a model. You have to dress them up and by dress 'em up , I mean heels. You must elongate the look since  you're only showing so much legs. 

That is it for now lovers....besos

Monday, February 2, 2015


I'm usually not excited about winter fashion because I hate winter with a passion. This year however with all the capes , bold colors coats , kaftans , kimonos  ponchos and things of that nature it was easy for me to fall in love with the trends . I'd like to call myself a new Age hippie. As much as I like the minimalist look and love that all-black-everything look, I like to throw a colorful piece on top of  " my black" .  Here are cape looks for this season.
Burberry cape 
Burberry cardigan
 Valentino cape for a more elegant look

Sunday, September 22, 2013

FALL 2013

The season of beenies and cool outerwear is officially here. I'll assume that you all know by now that fall is my favorite season of the year. That being said I'll save you the shenanigans and get right to it. Let me start with the trends I'm thrilled about .
OVERSIZED COAT:  I have nothing to worry about because my closet is full of oversized coats and blazers.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I miss my dogs like crazy these days.
I'M optimistic.
I'Ve been working since I was 16 years old . I think I have a good work ethic.
My favorite color to wear is black. Royal blue and forest green look good on my skin tone.
I love mangoes, pears, coconut, pineapples,, strawberries,apples, and grapes.
I hear people talk about the love of grandparents but I wouldn't know anything about that . I never knew mines.
I can eat these things 24/7 : fried plantains, shrimps, calamari, broccoli, mushrooms. I love food . I love cooking.
Im not big on baking but I love making brownies. Love tiramisu. Chocolate and French pastries.
I love to love. I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeves. Im passionate. I love to surround myself with great people.
I haven't accomplished all my gold but I have accomplished alot in the last 10 years.
I turned 30 a couple of months ago believe me when I say 30 is the new 18 . I love my nephews and nieces to pieces.
I have a secret I'd love to tell my friends one day. But it's more like a safe haven to. Me . Hmmmmm there is so much more to tell you but iI'll stop here. I woke up this morning feeling great. The sun beaming through my windows. All this going through ny mind.  Not in that order but whatever. Have a great day. Stay blessed! #thankyouJEsus

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I`m a little over this fake-summer we are being treated with,  I want my favorite season back.....Mostly because there are few things I wanna wear this year . I was talking to an old friend of mine, and out of nowhere I told him that I wanted  to wear Coogi sweaters this fall. And first thing Calvin said was Can you afford it????  I thought to myself , now will be the best time to buy those sweaters since they`re far  from being popular right now. So of course I had to go search on line just to see how much they are worth now.. Found some pretty good deals...So for those of you who don`t know about this Austrilian brand...well you can thank me later..:)
p.s: I wouldnt say I want theses to come back inSTYLE  but I for sure wanna one this fall.