Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer , Summer where art thou ??

If you live in Canada, you know by now that we only have one month of summer. So for those who are still trying to work on that summer-body, don't you worry babies , you still got plenty of time.
Moving along  I'm excited about the trends this summer. If you haven't noticed, this whole year was about the 1970s. And '' Qui dit 70s, dit bohemian".I' m a modern day hippie so long bohemian dresses, kaftans, scarves, statement jewelry and romantic lace are definitely right up my alley.
Kaftans are really easy to wear . They're comfortable, practical and very stylish at the same time. Great for summer because you can easily slip into them over your bikini. You can wear wear it to the pool, ocean, dinner - whatever float your boat.

After the boho chic look, Culottes will be my other fav trend this season. Although a bit tricky , it can look appropriate and chic. The best wear to wear the culotte? Go glam. Well especially if you're not tall, and not a model. You have to dress them up and by dress 'em up , I mean heels. You must elongate the look since  you're only showing so much legs. 

That is it for now lovers....besos