Saturday, December 10, 2011


I must say , this is the first time in a long time that I get excited about the holidays! I've been window shopping for a month now, for ideas on what to wear. I'm glad that after a quick look in my closet , I found so many never-worn-pieces that I can put together this year ( Althought, I think I might buy something new for NYE, because I think I owe it to myself).NYE is one of the biggest party night of the year! To me is like Halloween, it's the only time of the hear you can "almost" go over the top and won't look too weird, but think more, classy attire.
Ok , peep how I said I went WINDOW SHOPPING , and   IN MY CLOSET. See when it comes to fashion, my theory is this, I absolutely refuse to pay full-price for designer shoes (or anything else for that There is no reason why you should buy anything full price when Trends are changing so fast. who cares if you're wearing shoes from last summer's collection? As long as they still look amazing and you know how to rock them. Really , all the real fashionistas and even designers understand this logic, that's why designers also have those so-called deals. As for the holidays and the glamourous look , I figured since you are not going to  wear that sequins dress to the super market after NYC , don't spent too much on it!! So here are some affordable pieces that you can wear this season....
I'll start  with SHOES, because they can "make " or "break" an outfit...
these MIU MIU are my favorite right now
these one's are ZARA so, very affordable
MANGO cap toe pumps ( Classic)
MOON gold heel boot

Now for THE DRESS, I'm usually not a big fan of sequins , but I felt in love with this ZARA one

Another one I can see myself wearing will be this strapless short  SHERRI HILL DRESS from her prom 2012 collection.

If you're more into Organza inspired dresses, here are some of my favorites

 Although I love the fact that Jane Lynch is not wearing any necklace , for the Holidays you can spice things up with a nice sparkling necklace with no Earrings or go for the big chandelier earrings without a necklace.
the best places to get these gowns are ZARA and VICTORIA'S SECRET.COM..
That's it for now, hope you'll get inspired by this post , ladies!!!! Enjoy your holidays' shopping.....Stay blessed!

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