Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I think Solange got everybody's attention when she started rocking that afro and started looking less like a Beyonce-wanna-be. I love this girl's music, but when It comes to fashion I may have been the only one not convinced. I felt like she was told to go that route because her sister already has the sexy-diva look on lock. I didnt really care for her wardrobe until I saw what she wore at the ESSENCE event.

She looked very chic in this bold multi-hued , striped Ostwald Helgason blouse,a matching skirt and white and golg Nicholas Kirkwood pointy-toed pumps.
And just when I'm starting to get close to her ( YES I She gave me another reason to love her even more....this little chica stole her sister's limelight last night ( at the premiere of Beyonce's documentary) in a white dress-shirt. (below)....

This to me, is like a perfect example that less-is-always-more saying...I love this look so much I'm curious to see that shirt underneath that blazer. I'd do this look in a New-York minute....oooh Actually I rock this look almost every summer...(wink wink ). I even have a picture(below) from a couple of summers ago to prove it...:)

So Solange,chula I now got my eyes on you. Don't disapoint me, little gurl..

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