Monday, October 18, 2010


My favorite trend...I litterally have to stop myself from buying new ones everytime i see some (Fatim is my thing about jumpsuits is that you either love it or hate it...I must admit they are hard to pull of....mostly easier for models to rock them....these past couple years they were one everyone's fall and spring collections...they have even been see on the red carpets.And with so many new styles , you dont have to be a model to look good wearing one. I only wish that designers will make them like the babies', you know , easy to go to the loo....(wink)...

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  1. I'm a jumpsuit fan too :)
    Great job ma chérie! As I said it to u once u have such an eye for fashion that it'll be a waste not to share ur knowledge with us, les débutantes loll so je ne peux que t'encourager ds ce beau projet
    ps: I HATE UGGS TOO OMG C juste dégueu comme concept lol