Sunday, October 31, 2010

MONTREAL FASHION WEEK ....( SPRING 2011) or was it??!!!

This year I had the opportunity to be in the mist of Montreal's fashion week...Ok so, I'm going to be as honest as I can without being too
Since I was ''working'', I didnt have the chance to see all designers presentations, but I'm sure I didnt miss much.
During each designer's show, I would always look for facial expressions around the room, but especially  Glen baxter(fashion tv's reporter). I could not help but noticing the look of boredom on his face..I mean , there were smiles, and nods from time to time...but for the most part , the man was not impressed. Granted he has seen the biggest fashion shows in the world, but that 's beside the point.
Montreal is a small but very multicultiral city.You would expect to see it in the designers' work; but they all played it safe.
Mon coup de coeur was Dimitri Christ.The colors, the quality, everything was there.Futuristic and relevant at the same time.(http://www.http//
I also loved Ezra Constantine. I liked the sporty and army look...Sporty ,practical but very elegant. (
Music and presentation are very important in a fashion show, and Caroline Neron had both on point. The live music and the half naked (lol) models was great entertainment...(
I was looking forward to see Barila, only to be disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the clothes were nice but thats all i have to say. Nothing that i havent seen in all the stores around montreal.(
Finally , the look book done by YSO was well done..I mean what a difference the right accessories or the right leggings/tights can do under a dress can make..I found myself liking some designers pieces i didnt even noticed on that designer's catwalk.....
In all the show was good , but come on MTL there is more talent bring it!!!!!!


  1. It's true that Montreal should point out all the talent of the city! It's sad to see that so many young and creative designer are still underground! Anyway, nice point of view!