Friday, April 1, 2011


I got to the movies one a week. Sometimes I go in not knowing what I wanna watch , so I'll ask the cashier for a suggestion...Last week I figured I can give my readears some movies' suggestion also...
Now let me start with Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, and Abbie Cornish. After watching this movie, I really didnt get the hype behind it. Don't get me wrong, it's a decently made movie. But I think people were just curious to see it because of the story . We all know of the unhelpful and misleading myth about us using  10% of our brain. Well, imagine you can take a pill that can instantly give you access to 100% of your brain capacity. Instantly, your IQ is multiplied. This pill cost $800, but you get it for free...Genieus Idea, right???! Only problem is, it was poorly adapted to the big screen. Or maybe, a different actor would have played it better??? I f anything after watching it, yoy will really fantasize about that pill...S****, I know , I did!!! Especially the part where dude could speak any languages....
My advice to you is to is to check it out opn DVD rather than wasting your money on theater tickets.

Now the movies I liked recently are, The lincoln Lawyer , the Unknown, and  Due date( now that was a funny movie!!!) ooh almost forgot , The Black Swan...and ooh True Grit

Now True Grit , was an interesting one. Because this was the first time I was really paying attention to the fashion. The movie`s costume designer( Mary Zophres) did not miss any detail. From the eye patch to the layering; I loved the little girl`s coat and the belt over it!!! I mean that, to me confirms that great trends always come back( the movie is a 1969 film), and belts over winter coats have been in vogue lately...
Well that is it for now, I`ll have another suggestion for you next week.
Stay blessed!!!!
That is all for now, I`ll

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