Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A litlle bit about me!!!!!

Best part of my profession: It doesn`t feel like a job. True Passion. Meeting new people, being around Artists
Worst part: There is no such thing!!!!
Favorite beauty trend: Red lipstick! Its timeless

Favorite fashion trend: Minimalism
CĂ©line Summer collection 2011

Lanvin Spring collection 2011

Personal style: Spontaneous???
Accessory I`d wear everyday: ok , I love scarves and wear a scarf almost everyday, or always have one in my purse...oh, also I use to change watches all the time until i bought this swatch watch that i pair with my green beads bracelet
My rules: Never match, take chances with your outfits, but balance is key! I try not to be overdressed
Fashion phobia: Bad shoes
Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington                                  
Favorite comedians: Martin Lawrence and Galifianakis

Favorite meal: Grilled fish+ Fried plantains...Ivorian-style
Favorite movie: Uh oh , I dunno...its hard to say
Words to live by: If at first you don`t succeed, redefine, success!!!!!!

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