Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I said in an earlier post that African designers had been complaining about the fact that they don't get much exposure on the international stages. Well Montreal gets close to no-African designers ( precisely, no Ankara fabric on Montreal`s catwalks). So of course I was looking forward to see this fashion show!!! I heard of this designer awhile ago, saw couple of her pieces online but never had a chance to see any of her shows.
Paule Marie Assandre is a Montreal designer, originally from The Ivory Coast( what did I tell you about my country??!!!lol)...
Now back to the show...Great energy from her team; from the girls at Check-In to the Hostesses , all the girls seemed really enthusiastic( trust me, that`s an important detail)!!!

Beautiful models , beautiful clothes, what else can you ask for?!!
The one thing that bothered me was that there were no program handouts! Its was hard for me to follow, as far as the collection goes, also they were few local artists performing, and the whole point was to promote them , but I think it will be hard for people to remember their names!!
Now this Trench , was my ``coup de coeur``Plastic Raincoats are tricky, hard to pull-off! I mean how many girls want to  wear cheap plastic to go out??  Now this elegant trench can be worn for any occasion. And because it`s cotton-lined ( with  african fabric), it should be more comfortable than the unlined varieties....Oh and I love the fact that it has a collar and no hood!!!! Nice one...

these last 2 pics are from her previous collection...

So here is how can can get in touch with the designer
phone: 514 826 4156 / nikauledesign@gmail.com

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