Friday, July 15, 2011


Ok  it' s almost 4 a.m , I should be sleeping but I'm here is the deal. Earlier on facebook, someone's status read this ''You see a lot of Smart Guys with Dumb Women, but hardly ever see a Smart Woman with a Dumb Guy...Please explain! '' .
When  I first read this, I just smiled, but didn't have an answer, So I started to read what people had to say about it, And the girls when hard on it. What most ladies conclude is that, most men will are more into looks, If the girl is pretty, she doesn't have to be smart, they like to be leaders anyways, so it makes them feel more powerful...
The reason why I decided to bring it here is that, funny enough earlier during the day, my girl Fafa and I , were talking about relationships, and our convo was a bit similar to this but more on the fashion side of ME BRAKE IT DOWN FOR YA!!?
What I have realized is how most men are attracted to tackiness!!! You put 2 ladies at a bar, one wearing those tacky polyester cutoffs mini-dress , showing so much skin that u wonder why she wore the dress in the first place; the one wearing so much makeup on she looks like a dragqueen, with the cheap 6 inches heels. She'd wear so much weave that if you try to play with her hair , your finger would get all jammed in the strings, glue, or whatever they use to put that shit together!
Now the other will be the classy lady, the one who knows the difference between sexy and trashy, the one who knows how to show just enough skin, have just enough make up, knows how to carry herself, just a classy lady!!!!! Guess who is gonna have all the guys at the bar trying to book her for the night???!!! Granted, we all know that dudes are not talking to her for her brain, we know what they want from her and that they 've figured it will be easier talking to her, since she doesnt '' look '' all that smart anyways; but I don't know about you, ladies , but I like my men to have high standards....

I shall have more to say about this , but Im gonna leave you now, Just think about that facebook's status, and maybe you can share your thoughts on this matter?!!! Thanks for reading me...:) 

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