Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Montrealers can all agree that Montreal is the place to be during the summer. And it seems like the whole world just came to that conclusion. A Recent survey ranked Montreal,Quebec the third best ``summer city`.
I say it' s only fair, since we spent most of the year in the cold , snowy long winter.
I was encouraged to blog about this after reading about the survey.  thought it was very interesting because just as I was getting ready to hate this city ( mostly because of the weather), I found myself falling in love with Montreal all over again. I remember, walking on St Denis on the first day of warn,sunny weather and all the restaurants and bars opened their patios; i jokingly told my friend that, as soon as the sun is out, eating and drinking moves outdoors...roof parties, barbecues in parks, so many things to do...Plus this year was a tad bit special, with the coming of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Bono 2 days concert, Sade was also in town...
I know that Montreal is a city of festivals, but so many that  I didn't know existed. It could also be because for the last couple of years I was working crazy hour during the summer , yeah, I missed the Steevie Wonder free concert , because I was working! SMH. 
This year I plan to enjoy the city and the nice weather , so I suggest you do the same! So far I've managed to go to A few festivalS! Looking forward to the outdoors concerts for the 

International African Nights Festival 


too bad I don't have pics right now, thanks to my camera deciding not to work anymore!!! :(...but I'll be sure to put some pics , I 'm getting a new camera .:)

ps: click on the link below for schedules of the activities happening in this city all year round....ENJOY !!!


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