Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The season that puts everybody in a good mood is here. So you know what that means for fashionistas!? MORE SHOPPING!!! I haven't been checking the stores out much lately , but at work I've heard and seen people reactions to the spring collection . I must say its not so much that the clothes are extraordinary its the anticipation of long sunny days, mini dresses, shorts and sandals. Last week when we got a taste of summer,  I strolled down the streets of downtown, looking through the windows  but I have yet to see  anything that wow-ed me really. In cases like this I turn to my closet. REVAMP TIME . So here are the trends that I'm looking forward to try the season

                                                      PYJAMA PANTS ;

this  trend was actually In last spring but people weren't too thrill about dressing up pyjamas. It's back now and my favorite one . I understand that it is tricky and may be hard to pull off, but as long as u dont pair them wih house slippers ,you'll be A-ok. I love the type of fabric that is used for these pants. very light, flowy, silky fabric, perfect for summer days.  I was never a fan of the linen-pants during the summer so this is for me...for a day look, I'd pair them with a solid color t-shirt (white for me) and some heels or nice leather sandals( never with sneakers or ballerinas).


love the way she is wearing hers!!!!
 Zara (TRF) Spring 2012 collection

Stella McCartney


I'm sure you noticed that  Pastel colors are really in this season. Granted  spring rhymes with colorful hues but this times instead of flashy,very bright ones, neon, it's the soft, feminine color palette. The romantic hues that are taking over.

Remember now, it's not summer yet , so you can pair your pastel jeans with chunky sweaters or cardigan, as shown in the picture above.

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