Friday, February 10, 2012


I was speechless for 10 minutes when I saw this photo....I stared at the picture not knowing what to say or what to think of it. I've been trying to tell people about wearing lace. You have to be careful , you don't want it to look like you have your windows' curtains on or your grandma's tablecloth. I bet when she added the belt she thought she was ''doing something''. pssstttt. This is straight up horrid. Everything is wrong with this look.
I was even more upset when I found out that she was at the same party Beyonce was , on her first post-baby appareance that everybody was talking about this week. I mean come on now Media!!! You had this and everybody wants to talk about how Mrs Carter not giving birth to her baby!?? Unless when they saw Jessica White in that outfit or should I say lingerie, they decided to just leave her alone, it wasn't worth their time. they rather talk about Beyonce....

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