Monday, January 24, 2011


Few months ago, I was impressed by the stories of two beautiful women on the Oprah Winfrey show. The ladies were in their early thirties and still virgins. They had never been in love, had never been in serious relationships and never had sex. Now ,one of the ladies said she had brick walls surrounding her. Fears!!. Fear to live, fear to love ,fear to be vulnerable. The other young lady had self-esteem issues( weighing close to 300 pounds), so she spent alot of her time in her bedroom.
Now this stories came back to me, because, a couple of weeks ago i found out a young lady I know is a 21 . All I could muttered was " stop playing" , until I realised she was as serious as an heart attack. Then , next thing I asked, " how did you do that?", she said she has seen some guys recently but hasn't liked anyone enough to have sex with them...(Now that's powerful) I went on to say, "of course it will be stupid for you to give it so easy now , you waited all these years, but I mean how did you deal with peer pressure as a teen , like, squash the peer pressure, how did you deal with the hormones?? She just smiled and said: " I don't know".
The difference between the ladies on Oprah and my friend, is that , she has an outgoing personality, this girl goes to the club almost every weekend. She is also well grounded, from what I can tell.
 I don't care what you've heard , but sex is a huge deal, even though society doesn't seem to think so. I mean how many relationships failed because of sex. I 'm not gonna get too much into that last phrase , or this topic will never end, but you get the point. And to those who think that being a virgin at that age is impossible these days  or think that men won't like it , because they like experienced women, yadi yadi yada , all I've got  to say is that you know you just mad, because you wish u had waited too!!!!!
So whether religious reasons or moral reasons, or even anormality ( asexuality), as long as you are ok with it...
So to my dear friend!! I commend you!!! Make me proud when that day comes!!!...:)

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