Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Accessories in fashion

Accessories help you maximize your appearance and make you look  different from the rest. My favorite accessories are big printed scarves, and big rings...the accessories I can live without are chains.
A scarf adds chic and a fun twist to any outfit, my preference is a silf scarf. But really, i like paisley scarves also for that vintage look.
Pashmina scarves add luxury to your outfits.
You can find great affordable  scarves, even designers scarves at WINNERS and, MARSHALLS.

My bestie's jewelry collection

I told you i love my big rings... from Banana Republic, American Eagle Outfitters and I believe my Swarovski is from Winners.....

A nice place to find unique pieces of jewerly and Montreal is this place called OLD GOLD BOUTIQUE
256 Mont-Royal est
Montréal, Québec
H2T 1P5


ROLEX Gold watch
Ladies, there is nothing sexier than a designer watch on your man wrist, and you know it. So this christmas brake the bank ...
Because he might wear it everyday , make sure to choose a watch that will match his personality. Whether  outgoing and flashy or calm and passive, you sure too find one for him. There are men's designer watches that are flashy and scream for attention and there are men's gold watches that imply '' I'll take quiet quality over flash."
The watch face is also important; does he like round or square face?  But the most important is the watch band: metal??gold, titanium,silver or leather bands.
Athletic or sports oriented? Do not worry, they are designer watches out there that combine fashion style and durability..you can't go wrong with that..

                                            ROTARY gold face - leather band watch..(I like this mix)

                                                                  CALVIN KLEIN

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