Monday, November 29, 2010


It 's the holidays season , time to get your red on ....
They say red is a really powerful color, so do it in wine? moderation, same rule applies in clothes..If there is one thing I hate is seeing people wearing red from head to toes...I HATE IT , I HATE IT, IT HATE IT......OKay I made my point...
Red means many things to many people.Warmth,cheer,bright,strength,royalty,power,promescuity.
So please when you are wearing a red dress,ladies, your shoes do not need to be red too...And for accessories, gold always look good with red.
You just have to find the perfect shade of red for you..I had a problem when red lips came back in style, it was hard finding the perfect shade of red for me , because of my skin complexion and my big lips( I m not complaining , I promise)...but this summer i found the perfect one for me,Lancome Rouge a levres mat attraction 116 Baiser Grenadine and most MAC deep reds...
So this holiday be bold and go for red, but be careful , you dont want the kids to mistake you for Santa!!!

You see how she is wearing black shoes?? ok take notes
Lanvin red dress for H&M...oh I tried this on, and that dress is gorgeous, I have a problem with the price. which makes me hate the idea of LANVIN at H&M...( I'll explain that one later..)

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