Saturday, November 13, 2010


Fall season means extra layers and more refined look, so please leave the baggy look to the 15 and under..

SUITS trend: this is definately not a trend , it's always been around,never been out of style. The only difference is that now, the generation marrying this trend is getting younger and younger.So whether double-breasted,one button ,2 buttons,or 3 buttons(please no more than 4 buttons) you have plenty to choose from.
here are some of my examples below. The black 3 piece is from the ZARA fall 2010 collection
and the double-breasted one on the right are from TOM FORD suit 2010.
Also check out one of my favorite Montreal designers)

MILITARY COATS,(picture below), AVIATOR JACKETS,AVIATOR BOOTS WITH SHERLING(picture below) are all in this season
CLASSIC BOOTS: every man should have a pair of quality boots.Whether duck boots,chukkas,or ruggedutility boots,choose your favorite brand and style in a color that fits your wardrobe(ZARA or STEVE MADDEN )
this military coat on the left is from the Burberry Prolsum fall collection
When tosssing around potential candidates for my men 's fashion I didnt think of this fellow but when Kanye West name came across as someone who is fashion forward , I had to reply '' if I understand where you going with this , I will go with Pharrell williams''

 This guy 's fearless and original clothing combos,deserve some kudos.More importantly than knowing the latest looks,Pharrell Williams understands how to make an outfit personal. I mean no disrespect to Kanye but Pharrell has been on his fashion ish for as long as I can remember,combining classics with more fashion-forward style; when no other rapper was doing it and he does it EFFORTLESS.(Kanye,no offence but  you know Alexis Pfeiffer put you on your fashion game..hahaha)

As for my #1 IT boy Josh Hartnett , I cannot find words to describe it, the man look good in anything.

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