Monday, November 22, 2010


This friday night was a nice little evening( despise the cold)...
I decided to pay a visit to my friend at ACOUSTICA. If you havent heard of Acoustica,its a cozy Acoustic show to discover emerging artists from Montreal. Now I've known of this show since it started but have been to it in couple of years, so going there this weekend I was hoping to see artists I havent heard before, you know, new faces...but mostly one person I wanted to hear was FABRICE KOFFY, a Montreal based poet; and I was not disappointed.I was familiar with 2 artists, the rest of them were brand new to me, and they were all great, but there is something about good poetry that makes my heart smile.
So this poet is originally from the Ivory Coast ( I'm telling you great things come from that place, I mean look at me!!lol)...Some people, watch tv series, some watch music videos on youtube, I sit for hours listening to poetry on youtube, I love Def Jam Poetry, i can name my favorite poets here, but that will be for another day. This guy Fabrice Koffy is my French version of Deb Young. For whatever reason everytime I hear his work, I want to listen to Deb's...I will tell you more about him in another post but for now you can get on touch with him through, my space , facebook, or hear some of his work on youtube.
On facebook it's FABRICE KOFFY POESIC.
also every tuesday you can catching performing with KALMUNITY @ Le Consulat (1442 rue de bleury, 2nd floor, Montreal  H3A 2G1 )
                                                   Acoustica's crowd enjoying the night

As for the pics, I brought , my camera, but that little thing decided to act up.As written  on the pictures, they are courtesy of DjouLee  contact: 514 442 9466 /

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